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Let's reforest America!

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American forests historic tree nursery. Plant a historic tree, help reforest America.

American forests. Reforest USA!

Famous and Historic Trees sells trees that have been dedicated to a famous person or an historic event in time, such as the George Washington Tulip Poplar. They are great for gifts and memorials. American Forests Historic Tree Nursery offsprings trees with connections to famous people like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Clara Barton, even Elvis and historic events from the civil war to Apollo 14. Each has a Certificate of Authenticity & Lifetime Guarantee. Every tree sold benefits the ongoing efforts of American Forests, the nation's oldest citizens conservation organization, since 1875.
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American forests' historic tree nursery founding project director, Jeffrey G. Meyer. Reforest America!

Let's all get up and reforest America!

AMERICAN FORESTS' Historic Tree Nursery founding project director, Jeffrey G. Meyer has grown trees for his own pleasure since childhood, and became a professional tree farmer in 1983. When his own toddler picked up an acorn during a family picnic, Meyer decided to plant it in his back yard -- and got the inspiration for the immensely popular Historic Tree Nursery project. In 2001, Jeff's immensely-popular book, "America's Famous and Historic Trees" was published (each day, Jeff personally signs dozens of these books which have been ordered by our members).

The National Register Of Historic Trees.

Do you know of a Historic Tree who's heritage should be recognized? We are currently searching nationwide to identify and register Historic Trees for the National Register Of Historic Trees. Nominations are being accepted from citizens, communities, and public officials for their favorite trees, why not submit your own? This nationwide effort is being made with the cooperation of Millennium Green, a joint effort between the White House Council, the US Department of Interior and American Forests.

Our mission at Historic Tree Nursery is to"Identify, Preserve, And Protect The Trees With American Heritage." We encourage you to explore our online historical forest! When you purchase trees from The Historic Tree Nursery, you provide new beauty to your home, schools, and community while giving your family a new personal sense of America's history. Your planting efforts will help nurture new trees that will be enjoyed and valued by future generations.

Plant a historic tree today, don't wait year 2017!

Help reforest America now:
Sow The Seeds Of Revolution: Plant A Historic Tree ... from Mt. Vernon, Gettysburg and other historic sites, & help reforest America!
- These trees are being planted to honor our country's heroes and victims, especially those from the September 11 attacks. Groves will be provided for schools and non-profit organizations across the country. To purchase a tree in memory or in honor of a loved one, visit our site right now. Individuals may choose any historic tree as a "Tribute Tree," and designate its planting in a Tribute Tree Grove. American Forests' Historic Tree Nursery grows first-generation trees from seeds and cuttings of famous and historic trees. These include George Washington's Tulip Poplars at Mount Vernon, Clara Barton's Redbud, Civil War and American Revolution trees, even Elvis trees from Graceland.

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