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Metro Date is the Ultimate Singles Resource.

Metro Date is the Ultimate Singles Resource.
Metro Date is the Ultimate Singles Resource. Free membership includes your own personal ad with photo and voice, access to browse the personal ads, the chat room, and other dating resources. Metro Date is designed to cater to specific singles groups including: Caucasian, Black (African-Descent), Christian, Indian, Asian, Hispanic, Jewish, Gay, Lesbian, and more. Metro Date is available in the United States, and many other countries.
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Metro Date is the Ultimate Singles Resource.
Metro Date is the Ultimate Singles Resource. Free membership includes your own personal ad with photo and voice, access to browse the personal ads, the chat room, and other dating resources. Metro Date is designed to cater to specific singles groups including: Caucasian, Black (African-Descent), Christian, Indian, Asian, Hispanic, Jewish, Gay, Lesbian, and more. Metro Date is available in the United States, and many other countries.

Here is a sample of our cities: Philadelphia, Boston, London, Chicago, New York, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle, Las Vegas, San Diego, Austin, Miami, Denver, Phoenix, New Orleans, Detroit, Columbus, Nashville, Portland, Sydney, Toronto, Montreal, San Antonio, Charlotte, Richmond, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Houston, Dallas, San Jose, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Baltimore, El Paso, Memphis, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Orlando, Tampa, Cleveland, Raleigh, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Providence, Hartford, Buffalo, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Norfolk, Louisville, Birmingham, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver, Belfast, Auckland, Wellington, Dublin, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Plymouth, Cardiff, Swansea, New Delhi, Mexico City, Anchorage, Little Rock, Honolulu, Boise, Wichita, Helena, Bismarck, Lincoln, Albuquerque, Jackson, Pierre, Charleston, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Albany, and MANY MORE...

Here is a selection of member testimonials! Metro Date works! We're thrilled to provide such a valuable service and we wish luck to all our clients who have found each other on Metro Date!

I am a good member of Metrodate ever since, and I have been making friends from diffrent part of the world. But there was a babe which I met her name is Stacy! She really loved me as she said but I know it is true and she tell me about herself and send me mails often, and I really loved her too, all this thanks to Metrodate for bringing me nearer to people from around the world. You have really made me to known to people who are important and others, I really love your service and I introduced it to my friends and they also confirmed it by joining and seeing it that it is real when it is METRODATE. - Sunday (Nigerian)

I found the love of my life. This lady completes me. We met here and then decided to exchange personal email addresses. Now we are very much fond of one another. Thanks Metro Date. - Brian (Seattle)

Almost two months ago, I put up a free ad on this web-site. I used one of my two free tokens to message someone but received no response. With that, I made sure that Metro date knew how to find me via e-mail if anyone would become interested in me and moved on. Following that, I got back together with my ex- and watched it fall apart again. After that, I wasn't even really thinking about dating and certainly didn't remember this web-site.
Last Friday, I checked my e-mail and there was Metrodate telling me that I have new mail. I had forgotten the site even existed! Annie had seen my profile, thought I was interesting and wanted to get to know me. Despite the fact that she is in Louisville and I am in Cincinnati, I figured I'd drop her a message anyway and did so this past Monday. She messaged me back within hours. We continued to message back and forth before deciding to chat on-line that night. We chatted until 2:00 a.m. The only reason we stopped then was because neither of us could keep our eyes open any longer. It was bizarre how much we had in common. We decided that we would get together if we could on Wednesday. Tuesday, we talked on the phone until 2:30 a.m. The next day, I took a half a day off of work and drove down to Louisville to spend the day with her. I've never had such a magical experience in my life. It was like the rest of the world just disappeared except for her and I. I couldn't tear myself away from her. A day has never gone by so quickly.
As a result of this service and in a matter of days, we have found our storybook romance. The fireworks, the weightlessness, the similarities and the true contentment that Annie and I find in each other already is simply mind-blowing. She's coming up to spend this weekend with me and we've made plans to take a trip to Florida together next month.
Friends, please don't ever give up on true love and don't settle for any less than what you think you deserve. Both of us were very close to that point. Fortunately Metrodate brought us together before such negativity completely rooted itself in us. Don't limit yourself by the city that you're in either. Post an ad and give it time. Sometimes time isn't even a factor, though. I was the first person that the new love of my life had sent a message to after joining this service. I hope that whoever reads this finds the joy that Annie and I have found. God bless. - Anonymous (Cincinnati)

I met someone wonderful on Metro Date. I only had the service for less than a week, and on my first day I had picked a favorite. I was nervous about sending a message, so I waited a couple of days. I finally sent the message and to my surprise, got an answer the same day. He had just about given up on anyone contacting him. We chatted online at first then decided to talk on the phone. From the first message, I knew he was what I had always been looking for.We are meeting for the first time on Saturday, and I haven't looked forward so much to something in a very long time. I want to thank you Metrodate for being there, so that I could finally meet my prince. - Rebecca (Baltimore)

Hello! Thank you Metrodate for introducing me to a great guy for me and a wonderful man for my children to look up too! We've decided to make it official so I won't be needing this service anymore!!! - Dawn (Nashville)

Thank you so much, i found the woman of my dreams here, she answered my ad and we are seeing each other. dont be surprised if in 2 yrs we are married, thank you metrodate for bringing us together! sincerely, - Jeanette and Joann (New York)

I recently got dumped by my fiancee and before we got engaged we were the best of friends. But when she unloaded that heart breaking news I was hurt so bad I thought I could never love another like I loved her and would never stop hurting and loving her. I needed a friend in my area. I had just Moved to west virginia and my ex already found a new man and I didn't know anyone. Well I got an e-mail from asking me to sign up. I thought hey what can it hurt? Maybe I will find a friend. So I signed up. My second time using Metro Date I found a girl that shared interests with me and was near my area. So I used a token and e-mailed her. She responded within 3 minutes. Surprised as I was on how quick she got back to me We began to talk. The first time we talked it was really cool and we both had the feeling we would be great friends. Well we talked more and more and I even called her on the phone. We hit it off so well we felt like it was too good to be true. We had such intense feelings. We both had tingeling in our bodies and felt light headed. We talked some more and finally I couldn't hold back any longer and I said "I love you" and I felt so dizzy and warm, She replied with the same and even felt the same feelings. It was so weird that the emotions were that strong to actually make us both feel dizzy, warm, lightheaded, tingeling, Butterflies in the stomach. But both of us love feeling this way. This is like a fantasy match. I thought that online dateing services were just big scams and were just trying to make some money. Not true at all it really does work! Atleast does! We are already fooling around with the idea of marriage and maybe even a family. Thank you so much!!!! Sincerely, - Jeremie (Pittsburgh)

This site is magnificent! It's much better than meeting someone in a bar or elsewhere. I enjoyed the communication via email... I can tell alot about someone by the style in which they write. By the time our first date had rolled around, I was already captivated! The 'meeting face to face' was just the locking of the door! I am crazy about this guy and I never would have met him if it hadn't been for this service. I know that for a fact. I have traveled around the world... Even lived overseas for sometime, and I have never met anyone this compatible to me! I can't thank you enough for bringing us the opportunity to meet. I wish everyone could have an ending to the dating scene like mine! I've reached the light at the end of 'the dating tunnel' here. Best wishes... - Gabrielle (Philadelphia)

Met someone on Metro Date who lives right across the Parkway from me! So it was a very satisfying experience! Thanks! - Kimberly (Philadelphia)

I met a wonderful girl on Metrodate! She's absolutely amazing. We were a match made in heaven. Thank you so much! She's an absolute angel and to all you guys that don't think your someone is out there- she is just waiting for you to find her! - Brian (Oklahoma City)

I joined metrodate, and in 1 hour have a reply from my number 1 on my list. For 2 weeks we emailed each other and then as soon as we spoke, it was not long befor we fell in love. I would recomend webdating to anyone! - Adam (London)

Met someone on Metrodate over one year ago. We met soon after in a restaurant, corresponded some more, dated etc. etc. Now we are getting married. Metrodate did a good job of matching. - Tony (Philadelphia)

Thanks, Metrodate! Through your service I've met a wonderful, beautiful woman. We've been dating for about 3 months now and things are going very well. - Jere (Philadelphia)

I wanted to let you know that your service is great! I met several wonderful people in a short time, and really liked the fact that I could have complete privacy while communicating with them. I am actually dating three men I met through you, and I love it! - Diane (Philadelphia)

I posted a Metrodate ad about six weeks ago, and received several interesting responses, including one from a lovely woman who happens to live nearby. We emailed for about a week, and I became so enthralled that I had to meet her. I set up a time and location, and, to put it mildly, we're crazy about each other. We are even toying with the idea of marriage! I have never felt so complete. Thank you all sincerely for creating the opportunity for both of to meet each other. You've brightened our world.
Count me as a success with your service - I've met a WONDERFUL woman through your service (we're crazy about each other!), and now I feel that it's only fair and honest to discontinue my ads, with my sincerest thanks. I have bragged about your service to others, and they will, no doubt, be "filling in my spot." My best wishes for your continued success, and for your clients as well. I hope that they will find my happiness as well. - James (Philadelphia)

In January a year ago I met someone through your service. I was about to give up on the dating scene and thought, what the heck, he took the time to respond to my ad (that had been placed in August the previous year) and what do you know... We are getting married on June 23! So please cancel my subscription to the newsletter. Thanks again for helping me meet the partner I always dreamed of! - Greta (Los Angeles)

I have met someone very special through Metro Date. Other services did not provide me with the type of person who was interested in a lasting relationship. I am glad that I became a member of Metrodate. Thanks! - Paula (Boston)

I'm engaged to someone I met through Metro Date! Thanks, I've tried other internet dating sites with no luck, but a few months on metrodate and I finally met the right person. - Anonymous (New York)

Greetings! ... I have received several responses, and have met someone whom I hope to be dating for quite some time! I sent some photos that haven't even been posted yet, but, oh well. Thanks for the chance to meet some great people! - Janet (Seattle)

All I can say is that your service worked, when others completely wasted my time. Thank you very much. I am now in a new relationship that began three weeks after joining your service. - Brian (Atlanta)

We've met our life-partner through Metrodate -- thank you!! -Parents, Grady and Cita (Washington)

I am meeting people, quality people through your site. You are definitely on to something big here. - R.B. (Chicago)

Dear metrodate, i am freezing my account as i am dating a very nice man now that i met on your site. i have been on the site for a year and have met several wonderful people. the site is a great way to meet others who are sincere about dating. i recommend metrodate to other people as it really works. i had a lot of trepidation about dating after my 7 year relationship ended, but my fears were unfounded. so good luck to everyone out there, you can start over! Cheers, ali - Ali (Philadelphia)

I met several great men through metrodate, have dated 3 of them, and am now in a relationship with one of them. So thank you! I love the security of your service and the availability of free tokens to get started. If things don't work out with my new love, I'll definitely be back! Thanks again. - Diane (Philadelphia)

This really is a comfortable way to meet people -- and to make decisions about those you do and don't want to meet. - Mary (Philadelphia)

My first Metro Date was with a man who I had chatted with over the phone and with e-mail. We met for a lunch date and before the hour was over we were making plans to see each other again. Date number three is in a couple of days. Thank you Metrodate. If it wasn't for you this big city woman would have never met that wonderful suburban man that I adore. - Anonymous (Philadelphia)

I loved this site...I tired quite a few, but Metro Date seemed to have the best selection of people for me. I am very pleased with the results and I am very excited about my new relationship. - Victoria (Philadelphia)

I found someone really wonderful through Metro Date. I was really not expecting it to happen. In fact i almost gave up. Glad I didn't next month I am moving to San Francisco with the girl I met online!! Thanks. - Jennifer (Philadelphia)

Just letting you know that after meeting through your website in February of 2000, we have decided to tie the knot. We got engaged on July 25, 2001, and are planning a wedding. for October 5th, 2002. Thank you so much! Because of your service, we have each found our life partner. When we joined, we never expected this much success! - Jennifer and Marc (Philadelphia)

After a year and a half, many email contacts and 6 Metrodates that never got beyond the first date, I finally met a wonderful man through the service. I was losing heart about finding anyone this way, but persistence seems to have really paid off. - Lois (Philadelphia)

Met a great guy in June through this service, we are now living together quite happily!! - Heather (Philadelphia)

This is been the most enjoyable and productive experience for me with online dating. Really nice people, always with pictures, very convenient to use. Thank you! I'll take a break and see how my new connection will work out. It was the very first letter to my profile, and the best; I've got it next day after putting my profile out. I have a few more people writing to me and they seem like a possible friends. Thanks again. - Maria (Philadelphia)

I am in a committed relationship thanks to your service. Thank you! - Michael (Boston)

Met a very warm, intelligent and attractive woman. We have been dating for 3 months - Jeffrey (Philadelphia)

I met someone on Metrodate that I've been seeing for nearly a year - Don (Philadelphia)

I have met someone really special ... This is a great service and I would recommend it to a friend! - Melissa (Philadelphia)

Met someone who is completely amazing on this service! - Jill (Philadelphia)

The love of my life found me on Metro Date. Wasn't even looking for romance, just some new people to see movies with. Surprise! We're expecting a baby in December! - Cita (Washington)

Yes indeed I have a date for Halloween and it's courtesy of your wonderful service.... as of June when I first signed up. I have been dating a wonderful guy... Never thought it would happen so fast!! It still seems odd how I typed in what I was looking for and immediately the man of dreams arrives! - Katie (Philadelphia)

Excellent! I have started dating someone seriously that I met via this service. - Christine (San Francisco)

Dear Sirs, I have found an absolutely wonderful woman through your service. So, thank you. ... Thanks again for helping fate along. - Peter (Boston)

He responded to my ad a couple of weeks ago and since then we've spent a lot of time together. He is not someone I would have met in the course of my work -- but he has many of the qualities that I am seeking in a partner. So, THANKS for a wonderful service. - Susan (Philadelphia)

Met a wonderful woman through your service and want to focus on exploring the potential in our relationship. - Anonymous (Philadelphia)

I am writing to request that you take my profile off of your pages. I met someone through your service and we have been dating exclusively for four months now thanks to Metrodate. - Greg (Philadelphia)

You are a class act! I met a very interesting lady within a week I joined your service, and we are now dating regularly. ... Thank you, thank you! - Zeke (Boston)

Hi, I wanted to write to you to let you know I would like to have my profile removed from your great dating service. I have met a man that is the nicest, most considerate, and all around good person from your dating service. We are very compatible. I have been divorced for eight years and have never met anyone as special as he is. I am in some sort of shock, as I really did not think this could happen to me. But it has and I only have you to thank for this. Please remove my profile, as my search has ended. - Shirley (Philadelphia)

Metrodate, I was a little concerned about meeting people this way, but I met an unbelieveable girl through your site and we've been going out ever since. Thank you VERY much. ... Thanks again. - Marc (Philadelphia)

It took a little while(2 months)but the first person I was really interested turned out to be a fantastic woman whom I really like. We have been dating for more than a month and we'll see if things work out. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your service - Philip (New York)

You asked for my testimonial, but I have to wait, I do not want to jinx a good thing. I will tell you that I met a really great guy through your service and we have been dating for a month. I have now recommended metrodate to 2 of my friends. I promise to get back to you with a real testimonial soon. - Gayle (Boston)

I'm the world's greatest skeptic, so when metrodate selected matches for me I was full of doubt. I'm now dating one of the women you matched me with and I am truly appreciatiative of your efforts. - Bill (Los Angeles)

Hi metrodate, I had a good experience with this service. I've met a few new friends. Thanks. - Tracy (Philadelphia)

Hi. I know I still have 20 tokens, but I have found someone with whom I wish to be exclusive, ... When I have time and he is with me, we would be happy to send some comments on our happy story. thank you. - Amy (Philadelphia)

I received a response from someone I'm interested in getting to know better. .... Thanks for everything. - Judy (Los Angeles)

Please as of this date cancel my membership w/ Metro Date. I have met someone on your service and would like to cancel. Thank you for your services - Julie (Philadelphia)

I just received your email addressing my questions. Thank you so much for such a speedy response and for taking care of my issues. You have restored my faith in businesses online. Thanks again. - Teri (Boston)

You asked for feedback, so here it is: I met someone on your service and have been dating him for 7 months. Thanks so much. - Meredith (Philadelphia)

I have spent years trying to meet women in bars with little success and spent 3 days on Metro Date and already set up a date. This just blows away the bar scene, I had no reason to feel intimidated or inhibited, I just sent a few messages and.....boom >>> a date ( : . I wish everyone in the bars realized that this is a better way to meet people and you don't have to smell like a cigarette at the end of the night. - Alan (Philadelphia)

My friend recommended your site and said "it was the best," but I figured it would be like others I had seen. There is a noticeable difference in the quality of your membership and the way the site is organized. - Dan (New York)

Please suspend my profile. I met a terrific person through your service, I am seeing him on a serious basis. So I don't want to receive any more inquiries because I am not interested at this time in responding to anyone else. - Cathy (Philadelphia)

I had not been on a date in almost a year and have been on two in the last two weeks as a result of your service. Not bad Metro Date. - Elizabeth (Boston)

I really like your site. It is straightforward, easy to use, and I got what I paid for. I also like that there are a lot of well educated people signed on, which tells me that this is not a low-ball service. - Kathy F. (New York)

Metro Date is the best service I have seen so far, I really like your approach to the whole singles thing, it makes me feel comfortable and not embarrassed. - D (Los Angeles)

Thank you so much for responding so quickly...i am very happy with my service :) thank you for taking the time .....I Really Appreciate it. - Sandra (Los Angeles)

Thank you for the personal touch to your customer service. I am now signed up, having fun and my computer is surfing faster than ever. - Karen (Los Angeles)

This is the first internet service that makes any sense to me. Meeting people in my city is a whole lot more useful than emailing someone halfway across the world. No pressure, but now I expect results. - Alex (Boston)

I just thought you should know that I met some nice men through your service and am now seeing one of them on a regular basis. - Abby (Philadelphia)

I admit I was very skeptical, I had never done anything like this before, but this service actually put me in touch with some new people, for which I am thankful. One of my matches and I have met in person and it looks like we're going to be just friends, but he's really a good person and I am really glad to have met him. - Susan (New York)

Maybe I'm crazy, but I think your service is kind of romantic. I am in contact with two women from Metrodate and we keep emailing back and forth. It is a nice way to meet someone, it is really comfortable and easy. Thanks. - David (New York)

i'm really enjoying this service - i've already gone out with a few guys that i met via and although there haven't been any "love connections", they've all been good guys. - Jill (New York)

Just wanted to let you know that one of the matches you gave me has turned into something good. We have only dated twice, but we get along great and we both admitted that we're surprised that this actually worked for us. I'll keep you posted. - Paul (Washington, D.C.)

I was giving up hope that your service actually worked, when I got my matches by email. As a result I have met a really nice guy and we have been out several times. Thanks. I thought you would like to know that your service actually does work. - Jennifer (Philadelphia)

This is truly a great way to meet new people. I'm new to NYC and have already made some good connections through your service. Thank you. - Amy (New York)

I really think Metro Date will be a huge success, because there is such a need for a viable alternative to the bar scene and the other singles sites on the web, which are embarrassing to join. AOL chat is so frustrating and people are so deceptive in those rooms. Good luck. - Mark (Philadelphia)

My Cheap Date, My Best Date
A guy contacted me through your service and we exchanged email for about three weeks. I was getting kind of excited about the prospect of meeting him, since we seemed to have so much in common. When we finally moved over to a phone conversation, he asked me out for a cup of coffee. I was a little disappointed, since it seemed like he wanted to just get a quick take on things, rather than have a full fledged date. I also started to think he might be cheap. Anyway, we decided to meet on the street near my apartment. We started walking and almost never stopped. We walked for several hours, all around Manhattan. Normally, my feet would get tired from such a long walk, but we just were having such a good time talking and walking through the city, that I didn't even notice the blisters. We got to know each other rather well for a first date, since the walking seemed to keep us constantly engaged in conversation (as opposed to sitting across from each other for a dinner date).
We actually never ending up going for coffee, preferring to finally sit on a bench in the middle of Broadway. Not a dollar was spent, and it was probably the best date I ever had. It is now a couple of weeks later and we are still seeing each other. Turns out he's not cheap at all and is a really great person. Now I guess we will take it one step at a time (pun intended) - Caroline Note: This client was asked to write this article after submitting an email to our staff.

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